All of our sessions occur over the phone or internet (e.g. Skype, Facetime – or a similar online app/program)

meet & greet

15 mins | free

This is a brief chat so that I can find out what you are looking for and where we can go from here!

You can ask any questions you need to before we officially start further sessions!

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rainbow release

1 hr | $90 (Initial)
$80 (ongoing)

This is a ‘vent’ session – ideal for an immediate concern that you need a listening ear for, in a safe and secure space.

Take the weight of your shoulders and let’s work together to find a place of more contentment.

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wellness mentoring

1 hr | $100 (Initial)
$90 (ongoing)

This session is for a specific purpose – goalsetting, overcoming specific challenges, changing habits and/or behaviour patterns, progressing through work/life projects. It is a structured and purposeful session.

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CBT / ACT Therapeutic approach

1 hr | $110 (Initial)
$100 (ongoing)

These sessions are for you to work through deeply embedded concerns, beliefs or habits in your life. These are long-term challenges that you face which prevent you from being a better version of yourself.

In this session we work through evidence-based techniques from CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and/or ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), to provide you with tools to explore your life and also apply to your life to enable you to have a new way of thinking.

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online courses


A Mindfulness-Based Program
$70– Special Offer

1 – 2 hrs per week for 8 weeks

Add on 4 x 1:1 Sessions for $225

External evidence-based course

See the Information Sheet below



Reset Your Life

6-8 week course

Improve Your Wellbeing


$TBA/ month

Learn New Tools

Rediscover Yourself

Practice Self-Care


For further information about our current Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Online Course, please download the information sheet below and then email Rachel to proceed!